TORN Racing: Vegas to Reno 2016

Best in the Desert racing series

We were off to a great start thanks to our awesome support “team” (Team Philo). My Navigator aka Katheryn, aka wife, was doing a fine job keeping me on course and keeping a watch on our rig’s belt housing temperature.

We were leading our class and had passed several vehicles in classes that started well before us. We just came came out of the last pit stop of Day 1 (2016 V2R was an anniversary two day event), only a few miles to the end of Day 1- Tonopah. All of a sudden, like the scene from the original Star Wars when Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon lost hyperdrive, our rig lost all power and shut down. A firm strike to the rig’s dashboard did not kick it in hyperdrive, or even bring it back to life. So, not exactly like that scene, but you get the picture.

After hours going through all fuses and tracing all wires, we could not find the issue. A friendly race team whose vehicle was also dead for the day came to visit to see if they could help (thanks guys, you showed great spirit and camaraderie of desert racing). We eventually got towed out and picked up by our Team Philo support team. We camped-out in Tonopah hoping to take a Day One penalty, and be able to start Day Two. Nope…racing gods were not having it.

We did not finish this year, but had a great time and met some great people.

Thank you very much to our support Team Philo. We could not have done this race without you; you are always there for us.

We’ll see you next year for the 2017 Vegas to Reno!

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