About Us


TEAM TORN capitalizes on the experience of combat veterans of special operations units who have “been there, done that” to prove their effectiveness through multiple years of overseas deployments.

The owner and head instructor is retired from military special operations and was assigned to some of the US government’s most sensitive missions. During his eighteen years operating within special operations, he trained in every aspect of weapons, armed/un-armed combatives, and survival. Using, refining, and living these skills while deployed to the most hostile and dangerous locations in the world, he became a subject matter expert in all aspects of offensive and defensive tactics and survival. Since retiring from the military, he continues to contract overseas in support of America’s Global War on Terrorism. These deployments enable him to stay current and relevant in the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures used to fight and beat our nation’s adversaries. He now wants to share his training and experiences to help America prepare and prevail in any situation.


Throughout their years in the service, our cadre became specialists and instructors in their field of expertise. Whether you’re on the range, on the mat, or in the field, our shooting, combatives and survival instructors bring years of experience training the nation’s military forces. Our group combines battle-tested instruction and personal professionalism to ensure the best training.

Quality Instruction & Safety:

Safe training is always paramount. All firearms instruction is from top level instructors with several years teaching both the military special operations community as well as civilian classes. All instructors are hand picked to ensure you are not only getting the best instructors, but also ensures range safety. TM TORN’s trainers are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) as a dirt-bike trainer/coaches; by the ATV Safety Institute as a trainer/coaches; and the Recreational Off-highway Association as a trainer/coaches. Depending on the course, the training can be utilized to certify the drivers/riders through the MSF, ASI, or ROHVA curriculum. Additionally, all of our combatives and shooting instruction is presented through military safety standards.